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Preparation of 18β-glycyrrhetinic Acid Nano-Rods Using Emulsion- Solvent Evaporation Technique for Application in Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 4 ]


Makhmur Ahmad, Washim Khan and Bibhu P. Panda   Pages 227 - 234 ( 8 )


Solid lipid nanoparticles of a lipophilic cosmeceutical molecule, 18β- glycyrrhetinic acid were prepared by emulsion-solvent evaporation technique, using methanol as solvent, stearic acid as lipid and tween 80 as surfactant. The solid lipid nanoparticle preparation was optimized by response surface methodology using Box Behnken design. Under optimum level of stearic acid (0.68%), tween 80 (0.5%) and 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid (32.4%) the encapsulation efficiency of nanoparticles reached 68.81%, mean particle size 414 nm, and polydispersity index 0.76 were obtained. The prepared nanoparticles were rod shaped (nanorods) when observed under scanning electron microscope. The in vitro release of 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid from the nanoparticles followed initial burst release then lag phase and finally sustained release. The prepared nano-cosmeceuticals have interesting perspectives in the development of newer skincare cosmetic preparation with improved skincare properties.


18β-glycyrrhetinic acid, cosmeceutical, lipophilic molecule, nanorods, response surface methodology, solid liquid nanoparticle.


Microbial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Laboratory, Center for Advanced Research in Pharmaceutical Science, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi, Pin: 110062, India.

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