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Nanotechnological Improvement of Veterinary Anthelmintics

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 1 ]


Rodrigo Sanabria*   Pages 5 - 14 ( 10 )


Helminths infections are among the most important problems in animal health and husbandry. Moreover, zoonotic helminths endanger rural communities, particularly in developing countries. Helminthiasis are not only important in relation to the harmful effects of parasites; additional issues like anthelmintic resistance spread became more important over time.

As new anthelmintic development takes many years and millions of dollars of investment, some strategies are currently focused on the modification of already available drugs, in order to improve their efficacy and overcome their limitations. In this field, nanotechnology has brought a novel approach, showing advantages like the regulation of the drug’s delivery and kinetics, reaching of specific targets, and possibilities to avoid the systemic spread and side effects.

Taking this into account, the present review aims to introduce some of the current knowledge in anthelmintic improvement based on nanotechnology, and how researchers could benefit from this technology in order to overcome the drugs limitations.

Finally, some insights into potential field applications are discussed, based on the most important concerns of current anthelmintic therapy.


Anthelmintic resistance, helminth, livestock, nanoparticles, pharmacokinetic, target, zoonotic.


Instituto Tecnologico Chascomus (INTECH)-CONICET-UNSAM. Av. Marino KM 8.2, (7130), Chascomús

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