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Comparative Study of Eudragit RS 100 and RL 100 Nanoparticles as Ophthalmic Vehicle for Fungal Infection

[ Vol. 4 , Issue. 4 ]


Alpana Ram, Pooja M. Raj, Nitish Kumar and Rakesh Raj   Pages 316 - 328 ( 13 )


Background: Conventional ophthalmic formulations do not contribute to optimal therapy for local fungal infection in the eye. The present work is focus on the targeting ability of Eudragit nanoparticles (NPs) as a novel carrier for enhancing the delivery of antifungal agent to the eye.

Methods: Fluconazole loaded Eudragit nanoparticles were prepared from Eudragit RS 100 and RL 100 via solvent displacement technique. Prepared NPs were characterized for particle size and zeta potential, morphology, thermal behavior, viscosity and entrapment efficiency.

Results: Developed NPs had a nanometric size (152-210 nm) and a zeta potential of 18-40 mV. In vitro release studies exposed that upto 60% and 70% drug released from RS 100 and RL 100 NPs, respectively within 24 hours. Ocular tolerability test showed that the eye drops of the NPs produced negligible irritation on rabbit eyes. Antifungal efficacy revealed that prepared fluconazole NPs reduced, keratitis as evident by decline in conjunctival hyperemia and hypopyon compared to drug solution.

Conclusion: After 90 days of stability study, results were unchanged, indicating the good potential for ocular delivery. From these results we can conclude that fluconazole NPs may represent an efficacious vehicle to deliver the drug into the eye.


Conjunctival hyperemia, eudragit, fluconazole, nanoparticles, ocular delivery, ophthalmic formulations.


Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidayalaya Bilaspur 495009, India.

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